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Sonja Zöchling Stucki

  • Company:

    Flughafen Zürich AG

  • Function:

    Head Corporate Communication

  • Street:


  • ZIP/City:

    8058 Zürich-Flughafen

  • Phone:

    043 816 46 35

Previous member

Sonja Zöchling Stucki has been filling the position as head corporate communication at Zurich airport since May 2008. Actually, she’s been working for the airport operator since January 1986. After three years as the assistant of the airport director at the beginning of her airport career, she changed jobs internally and went to work in the information and media team. She’s been acting as substitute of the different heads communication until she took over the position as head corporate communication herself in spring 2008. In the meantime, after 30 years at the airport, she’s known by many as “the face of Zurich airport”. Before she started her career at the airport, she worked for two years as a travel guide on the Greek island of Crete.