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Dominique Gilles Morel

  • Company:


  • Function:

    Partner - Consulting for Marketing, Reputation & Customer Experience

  • Street:

    Räffelstrasse 28

  • ZIP/City:

    8036 Zürich

  • Phone:

    +41 58 249 33 92

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Dominique Morel is Partner and practice leader for Marketing Consulting & Customer Experience at KPMG in Switzerland, where he helps companies and organizations on their journeys towards future-ready digital marketing approaches for enhanced customer-centricity and KPI measurability. Head of Marketing, Communications & Sales at KPMG until 2020, Dominique has extensive know-how in stakeholder management, positioning, marketing transformation and processes, as well as digitalization of go-to-market and end-to-end campaign management. Since joining KPMG in Switzerland in 2001, he has taken on increasing levels of marketing, communications & sales responsibility to enhance the firm’s market position. Before joining KPMG, Dominique was a Managing Partner at a digital media service provider. He learned the nuts and bolts of communications from 1996 until 2000 at Wirz Identity and Wirz Advertising. Dominique Morel is Business Economist FH with an Executive MBA from HSG; he participated in the TGM program at INSEAD in 2012 (Fontainebleau/Singapore).