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Emanuel Kuhn

  • Company:

    Arcondis Group

  • Function:

    Global Head of Communications and Marketing

  • Street:

    Christoph Merian-Ring 31a

  • ZIP/City:

    4153 Reinach

  • Phone:

    +41 61 717 82 00

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Emanuel Kuhn joined Arcondis Group in May 2020. His previous roles include Head of Communications for Herzog & de Meuron and CSS Insurance Group, and Global Head of Branding & Publishing for the Roche Group. He started his career as a copywriter for the branding and design agency Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux in Zurich, and has extensive experience in corporate and marketing communications, publishing, brand management, media relations, web and social media, change management, and internal communications.

Emanuel holds a degree in English and German philology from the University of Basel.