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Annual gathering

An established get-together for professionals

Every fall, HarbourClub hosts the leading symposium on the Swiss communi-cations scene. It always chooses a strategic communications-related topic away from the short-term focus of day-to-day events. During the annual get-together for communications specialists, a selection of distinguished speakers from the field or from academia, as well as CEOs and politicians, provide new insights and perspectives. These are then discussed in depth in various breakout sessions, using practical examples. The HarbourClub Symposium 2018 has taken place on 21 November in Zurich. More

Please save the date on November 14, 2019 for the next HarbourClub symposium.






"The annual .HarbourClub. symposium always provides me with valuable impetus and prompts me to keep on rethinking how I perceive my own role as a communications manager."

Dr. Daniel von Arx

Chief Communications Officer