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Exchanging experiences

High standard

The network for communications leaders



HarbourClub brings together Chief Communications Officers from businesses and organizations within Switzerland. 

The objective is to help strategic communications managers exchange experiences, to tackle challenges in the field of corporate communications, and to promote informal contact between people.

Given the high standards of competence, expertise and experience associated with the members, the conversations and discussions on core topics related to the industry tend to be conducted at a high level. In addition to internal events, HarbourClub also arranges, either on its own or together with partners, a number of events and symposiums open to the wider public, which regularly pick up on new trends and current topics.

In order to ensure an open exchange of personal and professional views and a transfer of knowledge based on mutual trust, membership is limited to 100. With HarbourClub being an informal platform, a deliberate decision has been made to keep the organization lean.