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At Harbour House

By resolution of 28 June 2000, the HarbourClub 50 Corporate Communications Officers was established as an association under
Swiss law to act as a forum for its members to address matters
relating to corporate communications.


On 30 August 2000, the inaugural meeting of the HarbourClub 50 Corporate Communications Officers took place. The name refers to the Harbour House on Lake Zurich in which the lunchtime meetings are held. The founding members, who also make up the Managing Board, are: Walter Vaterlaus (President), Christine Menz (Vice-President), Andreas Jäggi, Francesco Lurati and Andreas Thommen. Their objective is to enable leading industry professionals to exchange experiences, to address new and future challenges in the public relations field and to promote contact between colleagues on an informal level. To achieve this, the group of participants is restricted to 50 industry representatives. The HarbourClub organises several members-only Club Lunches every year, inviting guest speakers from the field or from academia. The first Club Lunch was on 24 November 2000 in the Harbour House in Zurich. The HarbourClub also organises an annual symposium based on topics from corporate communications. The first symposium, which concentrated on every aspect of “internal communications”, was held on 28 September 2000 in Hotel Zürichberg in Zurich. The topic that was selected for the first symposium indicates how strongly the HarbourClub focuses on practical matters.