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Exclusive knowledge transfer

HarbourClub pursues clearly defined objectives.


In a world of continuous transformation, the success of a business largely depends on how it is perceived. Good corporate communications play a decisive role in this. Only those who create relevance and build trust can manage today’s altered communications and media landscape in the long run.

The HarbourClub supports this idea with internal activities exclusively reserved for members, supplemented by external added-value events. The focus in each case is on topics that raise a Chief Communications Officer’s awareness of small details and open their eyes to the bigger picture.

The club was founded in Harbour House in Zurich in 2000. Its membership is limited to 100. The members are active Chief Communications Officers (CCO) from businesses and organisations in Switzerland and up to ten people who play an important role in the Swiss communications landscape.

"Successful communication is marked by the ability to navigate safely through uncertain terrain, build relationships there and cultivate them."

Hans-Peter Nehmer

President HarbourClub

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